Our Vision & Commitment


Elevate leaders in the business of law.


An educational networking community providing thought leadership and opportunities for information exchange.

Strategic Themes


Embracing Technology

Offer members a range of online and recorded webinars – provide the best available platforms.
Upgrade the website to be interactive and membership-focused to provide a province-wide community of knowledge sharing.

Offering Quality Education

Develop, implement and evaluate curriculum-based educational programming.
Provide a set schedule of educational programming designed for subsections.

Marketing for Growth

Increase awareness of BCLMA’s value with current and new members.
Target and engage new regions around the province.

Enhancing the Organizational Foundation

Strengthen our leadership and governance team to advance the organization.

How are the Strategic Themes achieved?

  • Monthly subsection meetings
  • Social networking and educational events
  • Biennial conferences
  • All member and managing partner events
  • Online, member-only, discussion forum
  • No-charge member career centre
  • TOPICS newsletter
  • Ask a Mentor Program
  • Law Firm Surveys
  • Sponsor appreciation minglers and
  • Leadership opportunities

How can I get involved?