Subsections & Committees
BCLMA has nine subsections:

Facilities & Services Management


Human Resources

Information Technology

Knowledge Management

Learning & Development

Litigation Technology & eDiscovery


Small Firms

Meetings and Discussion opportunities include:

  • Educational seminars
  • Speaker events
  • Roundtable discussions within subsections
  • Panel discussions featuring experienced members from various subsections
  • Biennial BCLMA Educational Conference
  • Online forum discussions where, like a chat room, members help members by sharing knowledge, tips and strategies.

Opportunities to be involved:

  • Subsection Chair or Co-Chair
  • Board member
  • Conference Committee Member
  • TOPICS Newsletter Editorial Staff Member
  • Sponsorship Committee Member
  • Social Media Committee Member
  • Website Committee Member
  • Mentor
  • Many other short term project related volunteer opportunities avail themselves

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Subsection Chairs

Mahtab Abdollahi, Facilities & Service Management Co-Chair

Sub1 ChequeFirm,

Lisa Carroll-Browning, Finance Co-Chair

Renata Drag, Finance Co-Chair

Greg Holubowicz, Litigation Technology & eDiscovery Chair

Lisa Evenson, Litigation Technology & eDiscovery Co-Chair

Danielle Brosseau, Knowledge Management Co-Chair

Bria Taker, Human Resources Chair

Marketa Rumlena, Human Resources Co-Chair

Alexa Kingsmith, Director & Marketing Chair

Leslie Green, Small Firms Co-Chair

Judie Boroevich, Learning & Development Co-Chair

Barbara Blouin, Learning & Development Co-Chair

Committee Chairs

Nancy Sartene, Survey Committee Chair

Margaret Cividino, Director & Social Media Committee Chair

Keith Cassidy, Topics Editor

Administrator & Membership Services

Jane Kennedy, Administrator

Graphically Speaking,

Heather Orchison, Administrative Assistant